Revamp Your Space With Stylish Area Rugs

If your home is in dire need of a simple update, adding an area rug can make all the difference from a dreary room to a bright and inviting space. Since no room is complete without an area rug, set the tone of your room and define your living space with bold geometric patterns and vibrant-coloured woven area rugs to add colour, print and texture to your home. Here are a few stylish area rug ideas for décor lovers looking to revamp their space this season.


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1) Dress up your living space with a white wool area rug with large lattice pattern: Create an inviting and comfy space in your living room with a creamy white wool area rug with black skinny lattice details for a luxurious feel. The classic white shade illuminates the room, making it feel larger and its simple yet sleek print adds a subtle touch of elegance. Contrast your dark oak hardwood floors with this light area rug for an updated living space.


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2) Add some print to your home with a bold geometric-patterned area rug: Step out of your decorating shell this fall and decorate your plain living room with a two-toned geometric-patterned area rug. A striking print can add visual interest and energy to a drab, neutral-coloured home. Embrace a bold geometric print to contrast your dove grey sofa and basic beige walls to create a focal point.

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3) Bring a splash of colour to a modern space with a traditional area rug: For an old-charmed, regal look, decorate your kitchen with a colourful woven traditional area rug to define the dining area. The deep cobalt blue and burgundy shades with bright pops of coral pink bring warmth and vibrancy in contrast to the sleek white marble countertops and stainless steel appliances in a modern kitchen. The intricate pattern and rich array of shades of the rug perfectly complement a contemporary aesthetic for a homier feel.

4) Adorn your floors with a navy blue striped area rug: You can never go wrong with a classic stripe pattern in decorating your home. For a fresh look, lay out a navy blue and white striped area rug in front of your white leather sofa and pair it with soft grey and wooden décor accents for an airy, nautical cottage vibe to get you through the chilly autumn months.