Shower Plants Are The Biggest New Trend In Home Décor

Photo: samantha_amado on Instagram 

Although we may be used to seeing luscious greenery gracing our backyard gardens, plants have now relocated to an unconventional location inside the home. For Spring 2017, shower plants are the unexpectedly chic new way to refresh your bathroom. If you’re aiming to bring a spa-like atmosphere into your home sweet home, calming plants can certainly complete the look. Before you jump into this home décor trend, take a look at these ideas to renew your shower area.

Contrast dark bathroom shelves with plants in baskets: Try adorning your black wooden shelves with leafy green plants in dangling metal baskets. Paired with towels arranged in wicker baskets and decorative porcelain vases, hanging plants can instantly bring the great outdoors into your very own bathroom.

Photo: botanic_living on Instagram 

Place an oversized plant inside your white shower: After all, suspended baskets aren’t the only way to decorate with plants in your bathroom. If you’re wondering how to effortlessly master this trend, turn to a large cactus or succulent placed inside your shower. A white tile shower stall with a glass door can instantly receive an upgrade with some botanical touches.

Photo: ladybirddsgns on Instagram 

Arrange hanging green plants around your shower windows: While your shower windowsill may currently be home to countless shampoo bottles, there’s definitely a better décor solution to keep in mind! Swap your favourite conditioner for some hanging greens arranged around your windows. The verdant greens can contrast against ivory-painted windows, for a peaceful hint of springtime.