Thanksgiving Décor Ideas For An Inviting Space

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s time to officially decorate your home in true seasonal spirit. Whether you’re hosting a festive family dinner this weekend or simply having friends over to sip cranberry cocktails, adorning your space can help you capture the inviting spirit in the air. While Thanksgiving decorating may bring those paper turkeys from your elementary school days to mind, there are countless sophisticated ways to embrace the festive holiday like a grownup! Here are our top five décor ideas to bring Thanksgiving home this year.

Adorn your front door with a seasonal wreath: After all, a welcoming space begins with a strong first impression right at the door. To create a truly gorgeous entrance, try crafting an autumn wreath of dried berries, decorative branches and pinecones. Try accessorizing the wreath with orange ribbon, metallic glitter and faux maple leaves for a quaint and artistic touch.

Autumn candle

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Arrange scented candles and acorns on your coffee table: To revamp your interior décor just in time for Thanksgiving, place an array of scented vanilla, cranberry and pumpkin jar candles on your coffee table. For an ultimate decorating statement, arrange mini autumn candles in a glass tray with an assortment of dainty acorns.

Craft a rustic centrepiece of fresh orange marigolds and apples: Although that juicy roasted turkey with all the trimmings will probably look delicious on your dining table, a flawless centrepiece can bring even more visual interest to a tempting feast.

Create napkin rings with playful turkey and cranberry motifs: If you’re pressed for time as you struggle to perfect your Thanksgiving meal, try creating instant napkin rings for a quick decorative accent. Use cardboard paper towel rolls cut into small segments, and then carefully wrap orange, red and yellow felt around the rolls. For a finishing touch, glue a mix of faux cranberries, tiny plastic acorns and paper leaves onto the napkin rings before you unveil that splendid turkey dinner.