The Hottest Interior Design Colour Is Pantone Universe’s Aurora Red

Photo: imartinezarguello on Instagram 

For interior design gurus who are preparing their precious spaces for autumn, Pantone Universe’s rich Aurora Red hue may be the perfect touch for your home. The vivid colour fits in perfectly with the autumnal colour palette, and can help to transition your décor away from the soft candy hues of summer. This season, draw your design inspiration from the fiery tone of Aurora Red, and decorate every room from your kitchen to your living room in style.

Stick to Aurora Red walls and coordinating chairs for your dining room: For an immediately welcoming and beautiful dining room, try painting your walls in a vibrant shade of the latest Pantone hue. Meanwhile, matching plush chairs can help to accentuate the deep red colour, and instantly bring a warm effect into your space.

Photo: adailyvignette on Instagram 

Turn to red shelving for a chic finishing touch: If your living room is crying out for a dose of colour, try incorporating the indulgent shade into the area with the perfect accent. The look of Aurora Red-painted wooden shelves is an inviting, elegant touch. To truly bring your take on the colour trend to new heights, add red ceramic vases and whimsical trinkets.

Photo: fabellodesign on Instagram 

Use brilliant red and white tones in your kitchen: The gleaming, gorgeous Aurora Red shade can be effortlessly coordinated with white, for a striking space. Transform your kitchen into the most eye-catching room in your house, with red cabinetry and appliances. Naturally, shining white countertops and luscious green plants help to offset the fierce yet fashionable hue.