Growing Bertolonia

Growing Bertolonia – Bertolonia (or Jewel Plant) is an evergreen class of pretty, dwarf, creeping, proposal perennials, local to pleasant forests of Brazil. A rarity, though good value looking for if we have a terrarium or plant window to fill. Not a good choice, however, for a critical room – Bertolonia needs a high humidity of a jungle home. Bertolonia marmorata need special conditions of consistent regard and really wet atmosphere and will not flower though them.


Bertolonia marmorata (the many renouned form of this plant) has heart-shaped leaves that are mossy immature and furry. The stems are yield over a aspect of a potting mixture, branch upwards their tips, though these plants never grow over 15cm high. Small purple flowers might seem though they are of tiny musical value. Purplish flowers with 5 petals, about 2cm (0.8 inch) across, seem during intervals via a year. The flowers open simply on unbending flower stalks 7-10cm (3-4 inch) long. Bertolonia has a creeping expansion robe – the plants grow usually a few inches high.

There are distinguished white stripes – the accumulation sanderiana has leaves heavily splashed with silver. Bertolonia maculata has oval leaves with dark immature veins.


Bertolonia in terrarium

Secret of success

Temperature: These plants like normal room temperatures.

Light: Bright in winter, semi-shade in summer. No approach sun.

Watering: Keep compost wet during all times during a flourishing season. In a rest duration H2O usually adequate to keep a reduction from drying out.


Air humidity: Moist atmosphere is vital. Stand on a pebble tray. Mist leaves frequently.

Repotting: Repot, if necessary, in spring. Use a potting reduction stoical of equal tools of peat moss, root cover and counterfeit silt or perlite.

Propagation: Take branch cuttings in spring. Plant any slicing in a tiny pot filled with somewhat dank potting mixture, hang a pots in cosmetic bags and mount them in middle light. Rooting should start in 6 weeks.