The Metallic Gold Wallpaper Trend Promises To Light Up Your Home

If you’re used to neutral décor and unassuming pastel shades, the newest trend in wallpaper may come as a surprise. However, those who like bold metallics will understandably be excited by the newest trend in wallpaper. With shades of gold currently enjoying a moment in the sun, this interior design trend certainly fits into the décor scheme of Summer 2017. Before you completely redecorate your home in luminous shades, however, it’s important to consider your space and style. While a larger size home will benefit from dazzling patterns and swirls of glitter, a smaller room becomes stunning with soft gold shades. As we dip into the metallic wallpaper trend, here are a few ways to embrace this interior design scheme today.

Photo: designfordummies on Instagram 

Channel Victorian beauty at home: For a taste of the past, try redecorating your home with embossed gold wallpaper and ornate furnishings. A gleaming black table, upholstered beige seats and an intricate gold mirror help to complete the beautiful effect and usher Victorian charm into your humble home.

Photo: worldofwallpaperuk on Instagram 

Think tropical island style: Even if you reside downtown and you’re far away from a tropical oasis, gold pineapple wallpaper can easily transform your home into the island of your dreams. White wallpaper adorned with shining metallic pineapples can brighten up just about any kitchen. Meanwhile, white countertops and walls contrast effortlessly against the funky patterned walls.

Photo: homestyleco on Instagram 

Turn to faded effects: For anyone looking to adopt the trend in a more subtle manner, the look of slightly faded walls can tone down the punchy look of gold. Turn to marble wallpaper in your bedroom, paired with ivory and grey bedding and sleek dark curtains. Whether your private chambers are a master suite or an ordinary room, golden accents are sure to complement your design.