The Top 5 Heavy Equipment Items That Are Beneficial To Own

If you are reading this, you probably have a company that deals with heavy equipment for leasing or doing other productive projects. Or maybe you just own the heavy equipment and use it for your own personal projects? Whatever the case is, you have firsthand knowledge and experience that maintaining this equipment is not for the fainthearted. It needs a lot of commitment on your part.

Part of that commitment is having some heavy equipment items with you that can come in handy when you’re doing servicing or making replacements on your equipment. With that said, here are the top 5 heavy equipment items that are of benefit to own:

  1.    Off-The-Road (OTR) Tires

OTR tires are designed in such a way that they can handle big weight and be able to roll through tough roads and conditions that normal car tires wouldn’t be able to weather through. OTR tires come in three types.

There are the bias tires with a cross-ply construction. This construction allows the whole tire to be flexible, giving it a smooth comfortable ride on rough uneven terrains. There are belted bias tires with multiple criss-cross layer construction which gives them a comfortable ride. There is the radial tire which has minimal resistance and controls well at high speeds. OTR tires are super beneficial to own for your heavy equipment.

  1.    Mini Excavator Steel Tracks

Mini excavator steel tracks are taken through a forging process with a high precision and then heat treated to make sure they have a durable hardness and firmness in areas that are more vulnerable to experience extreme wear. The heat treatment also minimizes chipping that is a result of violent knocks. These steel tracks are super beneficial to own.

  1.    Mini Excavator Hybrid Tracks

Hybrid tracks are also quite beneficial to own for your heavy equipment. These tracks have the strength like that of steel tracks and a flexibility similar to that of rubber tracks.

Hybrid tracks provide superb traction regardless of the environment or terrain in which they are moving on. They have a high level of durability compared to the traditional rubber tracks and are less costly to buy. You can easily install them into your heavy equipment and they have simple maintenance. These tracks are fully optimized to ensure your equipment performance is excellent.

  1.    Undercarriage Items

Undercarriage items are beneficial to own for your heavy equipment. They come in handy owing to the fact that your equipment does some tough tasks and may require replacements every once in a while. Some of the undercarriage items you can have are sprockets, bottom and top rollers, and rear and front idlers which are an essential component to the proper functioning of your equipment in extreme working conditions. Owning these items is a plus.

  1.    Skid Steer Tracks

Skid steer tracks have steel links which are designed with standard guide specifications for a perfect fit into your equipment and ensure that its operations run smoothly.

The steel inserts have been drop-forged and coated with a bonding adhesive which gives them a much stronger bond and makes them more durable. Having these skid steer rubber tracks gives you the peace of mind that in the event that the current rubber tracks you have go bad, you can always replace them fast and easy and your equipment won’t have any downtime.

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