Lewisia: Beautiful Rockery Plant

Lewisia: Beautiful Rockery Plant – Lewisia (Bitteroot, Cantelow’s; Shortsepal) in freshness is certain to please; yellows and reds cardinal and so a flowers might be pink, pink or orange as good as white. The petals are frequently striped – a colorful arrangement in your stone garden for early summer.

Unfortunately, this American audacious long-lived plant is not easy to keep alive in a rockery. The obese leaves form a ensign and rotting of a climax takes place if H2O is authorised to mount in a heart of this ensign during winter. An difference to this trait is Lewisia ‘George Henry’, that will freshness from May until a fall.  The answer is to plant Lewisia laterally in a defect between rocks or in a a moment between bricks.

Lewisia tweedyi

Lewisia varieties

You are many expected to be offering a hybrid of a evergreen. Lewisia cotyledon – hight 1 ft, widespread 9 in, flowering duration May-June. The other class are some-more formidable to grow – there is a white-flowering Lewisia brachycalyx that blooms in May; a nobleman of a organisation is Lewisia tweedyi – tallness 6 in, widespread 9 in, that bears 2 in. silky flowers in Apr and May. Lewisia rediviva is a state flower of Montana.

Lewisia cotyledon

Site and soil

Mix seeds in a wet flourishing medium, place in a freezer bag, afterwards stratify by refrigeration for 5 to 6 weeks. Once germinated concede to grow for one year. Transplant outdoor in a spring. Requires well-drained dirt in full sun.


Sow seeds underneath potion in early open or plant offsets as cuttings in a cold support in early summer.