Tiffany Blue Is A Rising Décor Trend- Master The Colour Now

For décor addicts who are enchanted by the feminine shade of Tiffany blue, the sweet pastel hue which is a signature on Tiffany and Co. boxes is now set to make a splash in the world of interior design. Whether you want to breathe gentle colour into your home accents or update your neutral walls as we step into winter, this cool, icy blue can easily transform your space. Here are a few winning ways to inject a hint of Tiffany blue into your home this season.

Create a statement with a pale blue sink, vanity or mirror against dark walls: If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge by surrounding yourself with Tiffany blue walls, try stepping lightly into a trend with pale blue accents in a darker space. Use a coat of paint in robin’s egg blue to modernize your rectangular wall mirror. Bring the colour into your bathroom with a dainty light blue sink, or instantly refresh a vintage wooden vanity with this stylish hue.

Use an area rug to contrast against polished flooring: The look of this trendy blue against gleaming hardwood floors will create a fabulous contrast in any space. With this pastel shade having the power to keep a darker room from looking daunting or staid, try re-energizing your dark wooden floors with a simple Tiffany blue area rug.

Adorn your walls with sweet light blue and white stripes: Naturally, snowy hues of ivory and cream provide the perfect canvas to showcase your Tiffany blue in style. Adventurous decorators who want to bring visual interest into their homes can create a gorgeous accent wall, with chic and contrasting vertical stripes in pastel blue and white.

Upgrade your wooden side table with a coat of paint: If your dull furnishings are in need of a quick makeover, use a coat of paint in this soft blue shade to immediately re-energize your décor. Try painting a slim wooden side table in Tiffany blue to bring both colour and light into a small or dull bedroom.