Most Popular Décor Trends Of 2015

As décor gurus reflect back on the past year, it’s clear that a number of gorgeous interior design trends made their way into homes in 2015. Whether design lovers happened to paint their walls blue or updated their living rooms with geometric accents, here’s a look back at the most eye-catching décor trends of the year.

1) Vivid blues: In 2015, the look of cool blue décor officially made a splash at home. From soft shades of Tiffany blue to turquoise accent walls, the trend reigned supreme in both the colder and warmer months of the year. The contrasting effect of blue and white continued to bring seaside charm into décor statements, while shades of Greek blues caused a sensation on everything from area rugs to table lamps.

2) Shades of grey: The year’s popular colour trends gravitated toward the effect of versatile neutrals, with an emphasis on the fuss-free look of grey and beige (more commonly known as “greige”). From oatmeal-hued drapery to rich slate grey sofas, shades of grey dominated at home and proved that simplicity is always in style.

3) Wooden tones: In a sharp contrast to the pops of pastel colour on the runways, the interior design world turned to wood toned décor as a key look for 2015. At home, this translated into a variety of neutral tones and wood grain accents. From rich pine coffee tables to mixed wood furnishings in the living room, this rustic decorating trend meant that contrasting wooden detail and textures were de rigueur at home.

4) Metallic shades: The past year saw the resurgence of funky metallic accents at home, from copper and brass fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom to elaborate hanging chandeliers. Metallic accents brought a playful element to the year’s home design trends, as they brought a contrasting effect to cupboards, mirrors, photo frames and funky, modern coffee tables.


Photo: Lane (@LaneByPost) on Twitter 

5) Geometric design: Décor lovers were keeping in shape this year, as they incorporated elements of geometric patterns into their spaces. From boldly painted accent walls to printed sofas, there was no escape from this artistic trend as it brought a cool edge to even the most traditional rooms. For the hesitant decorator, area rugs and accent pillows with geometric patterns also added an accessorizing touch to classic and neutral spaces.