Warm Up Your Home This Fall With Deep Jewel Tones

Embrace the dark hues and rich undertones of fall with deep saturated jewel tones to decorate your home this autumn. Whether you’re looking into repainting your neutral walls to add a splash of colour or looking for a new colour scheme to update your table setting, adding quartz, cobalt and magenta accents can make a huge impact to freshen up your space. If you want to bring some warmth back into your home, here’s how to incorporate this season’s jewel tones into your living space.

jewel tone decor

Photo: elledecor on Instagram

1) Warm up your living space with deep cobalt blue walls: If your living room is looking a bit lacklustre from muted colours, bring some life back into it by painting your walls a deep cobalt blue colour. The saturated hue creates a dramatic and moody interior perfect to cozy up in the fall and winter season. Whether you’re looking to add a feature wall to spruce up your fireplace or painting the whole living room for an updated look, this rich cobalt shade will sure bring warmth to any space. Contrast the dark walls with white décor accents.

2) Furnish your living area with magenta armchairs: If you’re feeling bold this fall, break away from traditional neutral-coloured furnitures and go for deep magenta upholstered arm chairs as statement pieces. This luxurious shade brings a regal character to a modern living space. To pull off this jewel-toned furniture, strategically position the arm chairs either across or beside the main sofa to face the coffee table for a seamless blend. The plush fabric of the magenta arm chairs in contrast with the sleek leather couch create a unique design.

3) Accessorize your sofa with quartz purple and jewel lime accent pillows: Add a pop of colour to your plain grey sofa with quartz purple and jewel lime cushions. This elegant pairing creates a vibrant colour palette that can revamp any old furniture. Look for solid throw pillows in different quartz hues and rich, silky textures for a natural mismatched style and add a touch of print with lime-coloured pillows to adorn your sofa.

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Photo: houseandhomemag on Instagram

4) Add a hint of emerald green and gold to your fall table setting: Create the perfect table setting this fall by adding a punch of emerald green to your dinnerware. This gorgeous emerald green shade brings a festive vibe to your home to welcome the autumn season. Decorate your dining table with emerald green place mats and matching napkins to contrast the delicate white plate settings. For that extra burst of jewelled green, pair your dinnerware with white plates with jade green trims. Add a few touches of gold with gold vases and gold candles as your centre pieces for a sophisticated and classic look.

5) Create a cozy bedroom with teal and aubergine bed spreads: For a lavish feel in your bedroom, use an aubergine silk blanket to layer over a white comforter and embellish the headboard with aubergine and dark teal pillows for the ultimate retreat in the cooler seasons. Layer different textures and fabric for a cozier feel. The mix of these jewel hues and textures create an inviting space to keep you toasty in the chilly winter months.