Knitted Décor Ideas For a Cozy Space

Chunky knits are making their way from our closet into the rest of our home this fall. As the temperature cools, knitted accessories and décor are the way to go for an inviting and cozy space that will keep you warm the rest of the fall and winter months. From colourful knitted throw pillows to soft woven rugs, here are some ideas to decorate your home with knit accents this fall.

1) Accessorize a plain sofa with knitted cushions: If your bland beige sofa is in need of a face lift, decorate it with knitted cushions to bring warmth into your home. Contrast the plain neutral colour of the sofa with muted yellows and deep cobalt hues to add pops of colour to your living space. For the perfect cozy spot to relax in, mix and match different knitted textures and styles for an eclectic style.

2) Add knitted poufs as statement pieces: To create the perfect nook to cozy up in front of the fireplace, decorate your living room with bulky light grey poufs for comfortable seating. Whether you use them as additional seating, coffee table or ottoman, these fun statement pieces can add texture to a modern space.

3) Decorate your wooden floor with a wool area rug: Keep your feet toasty warm under the soft texture of a woven wool area rug. Go for soft hues of cream and grey to contrast dark hardwood floors. For an added touch of warmth, layer a white faux fur sheepskin rug on top to create a comfy, luxurious space.

4) Incorporate knits into your bed setting with layered knit throws and chunky pillows: For a comfy and serene retreat, decorate your bed with hand-woven throws and chunky braided pillows. Layering these thick fabrics create a casual and intimate setting for a good night’s slumber. For a casual feel, stick with warm neutral shades of greys, taupe and blues to brighten the room.