What To Look For In An Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy the fresh spring breeze and bright green trees while dining right in your own backyard. An outdoor kitchen is sure to be a hit for your next swanky backyard party! Here are the essentials needed to make your next dinner party a sizzler!

1) Counters: Being outdoors, you don’t have the luxury of having an entire kitchen due to limited space. Invest in a counter with a built-in barbecue and counter top. Having all of this combined will make things easier in terms of space, prep, cooking and clean up. Also, be sure to include your cook in your party and have them facing the guests. This can be a great form of entertainment for them as well as having the cook feel included in the experience.

2) Grill: Have appliances that are similar to what you use an indoor kitchen in your outdoor kitchen. There are many grills available for outdoor use with the ability for consumers to smoke, roast and slow cook items in the great outdoors.

3) Refrigerators: Include a mini refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen for your guests’ convenience and to keep your drinks and wine chilled. This saves them continuous trips from indoor to outdoor.

4) Entertainment: Because this is your new and ultimate entertaining space, go all out for your guests with full bars that are built into pergolas, swimming pools, big-screen TVs and surround sound stereo. For an added entertainment piece catered for both groups and secluded intimacy, have a large concrete wall blank to allow evening movie showings in your garden. Make sure to include a “bed-like” bench and tons of soft cushions for ultimate coziness!