What You Need to Know About Honda Riding Lawn Mowers

Unless you have what is referred to as a tiny “postage stamp size lawn,” mowing your grass from early spring throughout late autumn can be a real pain – literally! The amount of exertion combined with high temperatures can quickly drain you of any ambition you may have begun with. Traditional push mowers, even those which are self-propelled can be taxing on your body and often too heavy to handle. Why not check out the best Honda riding lawn mower for the size and features of your yard? Why Honda? It’s all about excellence as you shall soon see.

The Unique Perspective of Honda

Before getting into the benefits of a Honda riding lawn mower, it’s interesting to note that when Honda began developing a superior motor for their earlier models, they actually began by studying how grass grows! In 1975, Takeo Ogano who was at the time working on Honda’s ME engine, was tasked with developing a lawn mower for the International market. Although he didn’t understand this at first, he wondered why he was being ordered to produce a powerful gas powered lawn mower in a country with very little grass! It soon became evident that he was being asked to develop a product for a global marketplace.

Once he realized this, he knew where he had to begin. He studied how and where grass grew. Many engineers believe this is why Honda became a force to reckon with. Instead of focusing solely on the engine, Ogano molded hisinvention to the distribution of grass around the world, making it easier to manicure with precision based on geographical growth patterns. From that date forward, every style of mower designed by Honda takes this as well as the efficiency of the motor into consideration.

Finding the Best Style for Your Needs

As mentioned above, only the smallest of yards would benefit from a traditional push mower but those lawns which cover a large surface area would be best served by a riding mower. While you can order your chosen Honda model online, it helps to know the layout of the land before choosing one simply on ratings or price. Do you have a narrow gate, or a side yard you need to mow? What is the terrain like? If there are a lot of bumps and mounds?You need a model that gives you full control for a smoother ride. Don’t forget that the model you choose should all but eliminate strain on the back. Riding mowers are most often chosen for their ability to reduce back strain and stress, as a whole, on the entire body. Also, if you live in a very hot climate, a riding mower can help prevent heat stress which can be fatal under certain conditions.

Don’t Forget the Warranty!

In the end, it is important to note that not all models come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are going to invest in a lawn mower, you will most likely want to do what you can to protect that investment. Each model has special features to investigate and some of them may, or may not, be covered under the warranty. You may wish to purchase optional insurance coverageto protect against loss or theft. While not the most expensive rider mowers on the market, each Honda riding mower comes with a reputation for excellence in quality and design. What do you need to know about Honda riding mowers? They have a reputation unparalleled in the industry, and that’s the best benefit of all.