Why Your Pumpkin Farm Needs A Steel Building

It is never too early to start thinking about pumpkin season as before you know it, October will be here and pumpkin season will be in full swing! Pumpkin season can mean big business, however, you do not need to have a farm to get involved. All you need is a good piece of garden and a steel building. Having a steel building can turn your pumpkin garden from average into a roaring success. If you think that this could be an attractive option for you this Autumn, carry on reading to find out five reasons why you need a steel barn for your new pumpkin garden.

Draw a Crowd with Activities

If you have ever gone pumpkin picking on a farm, then you will already know that this is an eventful family day out and the kids are looking to be entertained! Any good pumpkin garden will offer more than just pumpkins to try and draw in the crowds and activities are a great way to do this. Just a few different things that you can do include haunted attractions and hayrides. We would even recommend that you offer something for the adults too such as cocktail hour as it is, after all, the parents who will be deciding which pumpkin garden to take their children too and any with alcohol available is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plus, it will also help you to bring in some extra revenue.

Offering these different kinds of activities means you will attract not just pumpkin shoppers to your garden. These different activities all require set up, equipment and shelter, which is where your steel framed buildings will come in handy.  You can use websites such as steelbuildings.co.uk to explore your different steel building options. On this site, you can also get an online steel building quotation to work out whether what you require is affordable.

Include a Petting Zoo

Another reason why you need to have steel buildings as part of your pumpkin garden isso you can include a petting zoo. The kids love petting zoos, and this is a fantastic way to keep them entertained. Steel buildings work perfectly here as you can place goats, ducks and tiny bunnies into them to keep them sheltered.

Build an Orchard

So, what will you do for the rest of the year when it is not pumpkin season? Well, you can always build an orchard! An easy way to keep money rolling in throughout the year is to have a fruit orchard as this can be open for business 365 days. You can have an ever-changing focus for your orchard and this can solidify your name as being a fantastic and reputable place to visit in your local area. You can then keep this fruit produce in your portal framed buildings.

Store Your Produce

Whether you are just planning on opening up your garden for pumpkin season or are taking our advice to open an orchard all year round, you will have plenty of amazing produce that you will need to store and sell. All of this produce cannot just be lying around outside subject to all weathers as this can damage the produce and make it unsellable. What’s more, animals can also get into your produce when it is left outside. Using your steel framed buildings to store your produce is the perfect solution to this and will ensure your fruit and vegetables are kept safe from all of these eventualities.

Hire Out Your Steel Buildings for Events

Looking for other ways to optimise your steel buildings year round? Then why not offer them up for events? Event hosting is now really big business and you can hire them out for weddings, parties and family gatherings, plus much, much more.