1960s Fashions Have Now Moved To Home Decor- Here Are The Essentials Of The Look

Although sleek, funky furnishings, architectural lamps and pastel accent walls may be major decorating trends for Summer 2015, the 1960s inspired look is also set to take homeowners on a trip back in time. With pops of rich olive green, wood paneling and printed rugs set to leave their mark on modern living rooms, here are the best ways to bring subtle vintage touches into your space.

1) Use warm hints of green to add life into a neutral room: Although a room decorated with shades of kelly green, chartreuse or lime may be an overwhelming array of colour, a few accents in olive green can refresh your space. While this colour reigned supreme in the décor of the 1960s, it’s officially time to welcome it back into your home! Contrast dark wooden flooring with an olive green sofa, ottoman or simple area rug.

2) Update your living room with a luxurious low sofa: The low lounge sofa was an official staple in the living rooms of the decade, and is now set to make a return. Incorporate a retro style sofa into your space, with subtle stripes to create visual interest or a solid colour scheme for a sophisticated touch.

3) Embrace retro home accents with a wooden desk lamp or rocking chair: To bring rustic wooden touches into your home, add warmth to your room with a dark wooden lamp or an antique style rocking chair. For hesitant decorating divas who aren’t willing to embrace a fierce pop of olive green, the sixties also call for woodsy, earthy décor statements.

4) Try an upholstered armchair to add vintage charm to the room: If plastic chairs or a moth-eaten couch have left you craving revamped décor with a vintage twist, upholstery may be the perfect finish for your space. To avoid a dated look, search for upholstered chairs in timeless, understated colours like pale pink, blue or creamy white.

5) Revamp a plain wall with printed wallpaper: For anyone who is regretting that new accent wall, 1960s style printed wallpaper just may come to the rescue. Embrace abstract patterns or splashy floral prints for a subtle look, or try fierce psychedelic wallpaper if you’re truly ready to hop into a time machine this season.