DIY Dried Floral Arrangements To Refresh Your Home

If you’ve missed out on gardening season this summer, you can still bring the look of beautiful blooms into your space with a dry arrangement. From decorating with a vase of lavender bunches to bringing a whimsical touch to your home with a basket of preserved dahlias, here are a few simple yet sophisticated dried floral arrangement ideas.

1) Place lavender in a clear crystal vase: If you prefer understated and classic décor, the look of pale purple dried lavender can bring a humble wooden table to life. Tie contrasting white ribbon around the stems and branches, and arrange the lovely lavender in a tall, intricate crystal vase for a dainty finish.

2) Arrange dried hydrangeas and roses in a ceramic vase: Luckily, roses look just as gorgeous dried as they do in a fresh bouquet. For a vibrant arrangement, place dried pink or creamy white hydrangeas in a container with preserved roses. Create an arrangement with orange, dark pink or light purple roses for elaborate look. If your living room is sullen with neutral tones, the combination of hydrangeas and roses offers a touch of colour.

3) Contrast dry white baby’s breath with colourful peonies: While an entire vase of dried white blooms can lack colour and life, dry peonies in pretty, summertime hues lead to a refreshing effect. Pair baby’s breath with lively pink peonies for a DIY creation which will make a statement.

4) Combine different shades of dried strawflowers for a rustic effect: The Australian wildflowers may be native to Down Under, but they’re also well known and widely used outside of their homeland. Dried strawflowers create striking bouquets, with their rainbow shades of orange, violet and yellow. Mix up muliticoloured dried petals and stems for an eye-catching arrangement.

5) Add dried dahlias in a basket for a touch of simplicity: If you’re not a fan of oversized blossoms and punchy bouquets, a simple basket with dried petals may be your décor solution. Arrange dry dahlias with roses in a quaint straw basket, and quickly bring summertime into your home.