3 Trendy Shower Design Ideas For The Ultimate Bathroom

Photo: mister_313 on Instagram 

While we often spend months on kitchen or living room renovations, there’s nothing quite like a trendy shower area to complete a bathroom. With 2017 here, try turning to the year’s chic and upscale shower design ideas if you’re looking to renovate your space. We’ve curated a few stylish and versatile concepts which just may help you transform your average bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Turn to white tiles and contrasting black accents: For a taste of minimalism, try redecorating your bathroom with stark white tiles and basic black. The look of a black-framed mirror and black wooden edges on a sink help to breathe new life into your space, while a black-trimmed shower stall completes the transformation.

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Use textured and patterned tiles to create visual interest: If your bathroom is badly in need of a modern makeover, the look of neutral patterned shower tiles can instantly upgrade your space. Contrast your shower with bold white floor tiles and gleaming silver faucets for a cool finish.

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Decorate with sleek simplicity for a minimalist touch: From transparent glass doors to dark trim, contemporary accents can bring a streamlined effect to even the most understated space. Monochromatic finishes and basic black and white help to emphasize your décor, and allow your shower design to truly shine.