4 Ways To Revamp An Old Bookshelf

A bookshelf can serve many purposes especially when the design is made to fit the space of your home. However if your old wooden bookshelf is starting to show some wear and tear and is in need of a little sprucing up, breathe new life into it with these simple DIY ideas that can bring some colour and pattern to your space while also maximizing its storage use.

1) Add a geometric fabric to the interior of the bookshelf: Add a touch of print to your plain white bookshelf by layering a fabric with a bold geometric print in the back interior of the bookshelf. Try a bright teal colour to contrast the snowy white exterior for an added pop of colour to give your bookshelf a modern twist. The bold print will also bring a layer of visual interest.

2) Create a mirror-backed bookshelf: If your floating shelves are in need of a refreshing facelift, a simple solution would be to add a mirror to the back of the shelf. This will add a modern elegance to a plain, old shelf while the reflection will work to illuminate the space.

3) Paint the bookshelf cobalt blue: Make your bookshelf the focal point of any room by painting it a rich cobalt blue shade. For a dramatic contrast, paint the exterior and the shelves blue and keep the backing painted a snowy white. This will make your books, frames and figurines stand out more against the plain background.

4) Insert storage boxes to maximize storage: Double up your storage space by sliding in storage boxes within the shelves. Instead of your bookshelf looking crammed, the storage boxes will help keep your bookshelf organized with its uniform look and keep the mess at a minimal.