Pantone’s Serenity Is A Perfect Colour To Decorate Your Space

With Pantone Universe officially declaring the beautiful powder blue shade Serenity as one of its two Colours of the Year for 2016, decorating addicts may want to infuse their spaces with this hue. If your dull grey furnishings and off-white walls have left you dreaming of sweet springtime accents, try embracing Serenity as part of your interior design this season. Whether you’re planning to revamp your living room or your kitchen, here are our favourite ways to decorate with this colour now.

Incorporate a pale blue sofa and patterned pastel sofas into your living room: If you’re ready to decorate with girlish Easter egg colours, try updating your ordinary living room with a sofa in a light Serenity shade. To bring a contrasting accent to the pale blue shade, add a few strategically arranged white and pink sofa cushions. For a finishing effect, pale wooden floors, an armchair in a pale pink colour and floral wall art will help to usher in the spirit of springtime.

Bring a subtle touch of colour into a white bedroom with Serenity-toned bedsheets: For minimalists who prefer understated pops of colour, try transforming an all-white bedroom into a heavenly, pastel-toned space. Bring Pantone’s latest hue into your bedroom décor with light blue satin sheets, a matching bedspread and a powder blue knit throw blanket. The colour is sure to stand out against cream-coloured walls, a white wooden bedside table and a white lampshade.

Embrace pale blue wall art, ceramic accents and a statement wall: While it may be a daring step to bring Serenity-hued furnishings into your space, the look of colourful accents is always a fabulous way to step into this decorating trend. Turn to wall art, ceramic dishes and decorative vases for a simple solution. Meanwhile, a vivid blue accent wall can also breathe new life into your home, without the need for a costly renovation.


Photo: WillMacDesign (@willmacdesign) on Twitter

Update your kitchen with Serenity-coloured countertops and kitchen cabinets: If you’re looking to give your kitchen an instant makeover, try upgrading your kitchen with sleek painted counters and cabinets in the year’s Colour of the Year. To contrast with the coloured shelving and countertops, turn to polished dark hardwood floors, gleaming silver appliances and plush red kitchen seating for a burst of colour.