Brilliant Red Accents Are A Décor Trend For Fall

With Fall 2015 ushering in vibrant jewel tones, the season’s décor trends call for a hint of warm colour and luxurious accents at home. If you’re unsure of bringing a bold primary hue into your humble abode, autumn’s revamped reds are set to make a splash in shades of ruby, lobster and bordeaux. From bringing the colour into your dull living room to creating a bedroom decorating scheme with pops of red, here’s how to embrace the colour at home this fall.

1) Update plain white walls with scarlet curtains: Since rich, lively shades signal the arrival of fall, try replacing your airy white drapes for deep red curtains. If your plain white walls have left you craving colour, vibrant red window treatments are the fastest way to refresh your space. To keep the curtains from looking overly bright, try decorating the rest of your living room with neutral sofas or plush cream-coloured armchairs.


Photo: Erinn Valencich (@ErinnVStyle) on Twitter 

2) Contrast muted living room décor with sleek red couches: If your living room is home to cool white floors and dark wooden coffee tables, statement red sofas are an easy way to embrace the jewel toned decorating trend. Add funky wall art and printed grey wallpaper to fully update your space.

3) Combine a funky lobster red ottoman with navy blue for a striking effect: For décor lovers who find the look of white and red too striking, a lighter lobster red hue is an alternative to punchy crimson accents. Bring a funky look to your space with a lobster red ottoman, navy blue area rug and light wooden accents.

4) Bring a lavish touch to your bedroom with wine red accent pillows: Rich wine shades help to transition your bedroom décor into fall this season. Pair your crisp bed linens with wine red throw pillows for a colourful touch, and quickly transform your room into an elegant haven.

5) Dive into the trend with ruby red walls and ornate wooden furniture: If you’re a bold decorating diva who is willing to jump into this colour trend, add a ruby red accent wall to a larger room to fully capture fall’s sensual vibe. Contrast the colour with dark hardwood flooring, sleek polished furniture and eye-catching wall art for a finishing touch.