Create A Stunning Home Library With These Tips

With September officially here, you may be looking for a comfortable space at home to tuck into your fall reading list or crack open the textbooks if you’re returning to school. Whether your autumn plans involve flipping through a hotly anticipated new novel or tackling that essay, the perfect home library can bring a studious vibe to your natural habitat. Here are a few décor ideas for decorating your library in style this season.

1) Add rich red leather seating and contrasting accents for a warm vibe: While the school library back in your younger days may have featured plastic chairs, a home library can receive an instant upgrade from plush, cozy seating options. Add red leather armchairs or sofas to a room with a neutral brown palette, in order to embrace a sophisticated aesthetic. To complement the colour scheme, add contrasting statement pillows, creamy white table lamps and deep red drapes.

classic cabinet with wooden desk

2) Use rustic wooden bookshelves to create a comforting atmosphere: With bookshelves setting the mood of a home library, traditional wooden shelves can help to create an easy classic look. To keep up the quaint effect, add stained wood and mahogany bookcases to a spacious room.

3) Bring an updated touch to your space with funky white shelving: For décor lovers who prefer simplicity and modern touches, an unconventional white shelving unit just may fit the bill. Try using plastic shelving, quirky floating bookshelves and chunky white bookcases to house all your favourite titles.

4) Decorate bare walls with eye-catching mirrors: To offer a cramped home library the illusion of greater space, mirrors work well to reflect light and create a roomy vibe. Arranging funky, geometric mirrors also brings an avant garde appearance to a room which has traditionally been staid and dreary.

5) Add a brilliant blue accent wall for a modernized look: Who says that a library must include drab, muted colours and a traditional neutral aesthetic? To bring your library into 2015, take a cue from the season’s décor colour trends and embrace a vibrant blue accent wall. Contrast white shelving against this colour, or choose a lighter pastel shade to complement the wood tones in the room.

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