Bring Boho Chic Accents Into Your Space This Fall

Although summer’s flowing maxi dresses and 1970s inspired fashion trends may not have been to your liking, it’s difficult to deny that the boho chic look is set to make a statement at home this autumn. From metallic home accents to pops of cozy sheepskin and eye-catching patterns, this eclectic, cool décor trend is set to steal the spotlight. If you’re a wandering spirit at heart who is looking to embrace boho chic decorating, here are the top ways to re-energize your space now.

1) Add fringed area rugs to your floors: With a focus on warmth and comfort, bohemian décor calls for textures and attention to detail. To incorporate the trend at home with splurging on all new furnishings, simply update your bare hardwood floors with a fringed, carefree area rug. Look for abstract prints, warmer tones and diagonal stripes for a hint of inspiration.

2) Embrace funky textiles for an ethereal touch: If your current living room is unadorned and dull, you’ll want to jump into the boho chic trend to revitalize a space full of muted colours. To create visual interest, look for textiles such as pillows with colourful paisley prints. For the daring bohemian, beadwork and embroidery can also bring that humble throw blanket or couch cushion to the next level.

3) Use hanging plants to create a natural vibe: Although the leaves outdoors may be preparing to change colours as the fall chill sets in, there’s no reason why you can’t embrace nature at home. To complete your bohemian paradise, arrange hanging plants in your living room for a bit of lush greenery.

4) Introduce hints of white sheepskin to complete the look: Sheepskin touches will help to bring the boho chic factor up a notch, while offering an inviting look all autumn long. To step into the trend, try a fluffy white sheepskin rug or stool to contrast against dark flooring and colourful accents.

5) Look for metallic lamps for a warm atmosphere: If you’re aiming to create a striking effect against that vibrant wall tapestry, the look of a bold metallic lamp will instantly flatter your boho chic décor. Whether it’s a sleek copper table lamp strategically placed in your living room or a stylish metal lamp paired with a beaded lampshade, you’ll be sure to illuminate your home in true bohemian fashion.