Chic Home Office Décor Ideas For A Creative Workspace

Who says an office space has to be plain and simple? With these décor tips, create your dream work space in the comfort of your own home to transform a cramped and cluttered room to a luxurious office suite. From a peppy polka-dot feature wall to a handmade memo board, here are a few décor ideas for a professional and stylish home office.

1) Create a feature wall with polka-dot wallpaper: Bring some life back to your walls with a simple white and gold polka-dot wallpaper to adorn your feature wall. The metallic tones and vibrant print in contrast with sleek white walls add some visual interest to a bare space, creating a sophisticated and elegant style perfect for minimalist ladies looking to revamp their home office. Add subtle pops of gold accessories to tie the whole room together.

2) Add floating shelving to decorate your walls: Bring a modern flair to a tiny space with floating wooden shelving to display your valuables and trinkets. This combines both style and practicality to ensure your work space remains clutter-free. The floating shelves also give an open feel to the room while the wooden planks add a rustic touch to the space. Showcase souvenirs and figurines from your travels or collected photo frames with treasured snaps to add some personality to the room.


Photo: bushellinteriors on Instagram

3) Furnish the room with a glass table: Create the feeling of a bright and airy space with a glass desk to set your laptop on. The glass brings a luxurious touch that can make any small space look opulent and works as a statement piece for a contemporary design.

4) Craft your own memo board: For creative minds looking for a fun and eclectic space, try creating your own memo board with a DIY world map bulletin. Replace the backing of a large gallery frame with a cork board and simply insert a world map in the frame to create the board. Hang this above your desk to pin your calendar, notes and photos on to give you inspiration. The map adds an old-world charm to your home office.