Elegant And Easy Powder Room Décor Ideas

While interior design lovers may place most of their attention on living room and bedroom décor as they attempt to create the space of their dreams, a beautifully adorned powder room can also complete the look of your space. Whether you prefer tranquil simplicity or energetic patterns at home, here’s how to decorate a powder room which will surely live up to your discerning tastes.

Add a black and white abstract print statement wall for a striking effect: If the clinical, dull look of an all-white powder room has left you craving colour, try instantly invigorating your space with a patterned black and white statement wall. The look of quirky abstract prints, diagonal stripes and funky splashes of paint can refresh your walls. Meanwhile, the timeless neutral shades are a cool alternative to a bold, solid accent wall colour.


Photo: divine_design_decor on Instagram

Use elegant cream décor and hexagonal mirrors: For a room which screams “luxury”, try transforming your powder room into a refined space with cream-coloured walls and off-white tile floors. To illuminate your space and provide the illusion of a larger area, incorporate hexagonal mirrors with decorative metallic frames into your décor.


Photo: tamisia77 on Instagram

Bring ornate metallic accents, faux florals and dangling lights into your space: While powder rooms may be tiny spaces which are often left unadorned, accessorizing your room in style can offer an instant hint of sophistication. Try replacing the cracked old looking glass for an oversized golden rectangular mirror, and decorating any bare spaces with orange silk blooms. For a delicate finishing touch, adorn your bare walls with shimmering dangling lights.

Turn to maple finishes and marble sinks for an upscale finish: With the perfect materials having the powers to set the tone of a room, create a lavish powder room with gleaming maple cabinets. Contrast the sophisticated wooden accents with white marble sinks, silver faucets and fresh florals arranged in a white ceramic vase.