Canadian Interior Stylist Janette Ewen Shares Her Fall 2015 Design Tips

As a Canadian interior stylist, Janette Ewen is known for co-hosting the W Network program Inside The Box with Ty Pennington. Ewen, who focuses on affordable design, has also been a judge on Season 2 of From The Ground Up With Debbie Travis and is also the designer behind the Dream Home at the National Home Show in Toronto. With Fall 2015 almost here, Real Style caught up with this décor expert about her favourite design tips and more.

Real Style: What is your favourite design tip to give to your clients?

Janette: I think the most important thing is to not take things too seriously. When you are stressed, or upset, all of that is going to go into the energy of your room. Have things that have a wink in them, things in your home that will make you smile. Worry less about what other people think and really design your space for yourself.


Real Style: How can décor addicts update their homes on a budget for Fall 2015?

Janette: A great idea is to invest in a can of gold or rose gold spray paint. We are seeing so much rose gold in the homes, and there are so many great spray paints that are primer based that will give you a really nice even look. Take old little glass chachkas, or even an old vintage telephone and give it a nice even coat of spray paint. You can also take use some of your old accessories in your home and spray them with metallics and gold. It will really warm it up. Switching up your pillows is also so affordable. If you look to fashion, we are really seeing this kind of throwback to I like to call it the lux-hippie, so really heavy fabrics, rich colours, a lot of brown-which works very well with the gold’s. By incorporating accessories, you are really going to add that richness and texture without spending a lot of money at all.

When you are designing, so much of it comes down to percentages. It is almost like a mathematical formula. If you are visually attracted to a piece of artwork, write down the colours in it and how much percentage of each and use that for your colour palette in your home; your room is going to look great. Someone has almost done the work for you.

Real Style: What are the biggest furniture trends for fall?

Janette: I think we are seeing a new look. I was just in Vancouver and I saw it in some furniture stores and New York and I was seeing it too. We have seen so much rustics, which the hipsters took over and then the other side was the modern. We are seeing a blend of things. Like modern style tables done in a slate, I saw an amazing modern lounger chair and it was covered in a sheepskin, which is kind of interesting. We are starting to see that blend, minimalist but natural with a modern touch. I think this is really the direction that modern décor is going in.

Real Style: How can home accents be used to decorate a small space?

Janette: I love small spaces! My biggest tip for smaller spaces is, stop seeing it as a small space, and stop seeing it as being limiting. I think very often people think they have to go modern and white in a small space. If someone were to give you a Pianetere in Paris and it was 400 square feet, you would be so excited to have it and soak up that Parisian vibe and you may cover your walls with fabric, or fill your room with a draping that goes all around the entire room. You may have a harp in the corner; you would make it a lot more romantic and interesting. And all the sudden you are in North America, you’re supposed to keep in minimal. So I say for small spaces, layering is better. Many times small spaces have high ceilings like city lofts. You can do fun things like wallpaper your ceiling. I like to put sculptures and unique items in the corners of rooms, maybe on a pedestal, because it rounds out the room. Just really add character and don’t be afraid to incorporate things in your life into your small space. When I was in a small space, a lot of my dressy heels that I wouldn’t wear that often, I would use as book ends. I had on my table a big bowl of all my jewelry. It is an interesting visual, so double duty is also key.

Photos: Janette Ewen