Clean Your Stainless Steel With These Easy Tips

If that gleaming stainless steel fridge is the pride of your kitchen, you’re probably aiming to keep it in flawless condition, especially after an entire summer of non-stop entertaining. Even if every party you host ends up in the kitchen, there are a few easy tricks to achieve spotless surfaces! Here are five great tips to maintain your stainless steel appliances and countertops, without the stress of permanent stains, leftover dirt or spilled drinks.

1) Use a soft cloth with mild detergent or vinegar: To avoid unsightly scratches which will ruin that polished effect, it’s always a smart idea to stay away from harsh scrubbing pads as you cleanse your stainless steel. Instead of picking up that scouring brush, use a gentle cloth or microfiber towel paired with a gentle cleaning solution. Try mild soap or white vinegar to complete the job.

2) Follow the grain lines in the metal as you clean: As you wipe away, use the grain in the stainless steel as a sort of built-in guide. If you follow the direction of the grain lines in the stainless steel, you’ll be less likely to damage the surface.

3) Finish your cleaning with hot water: Use hot water to carefully rinse away the soap or vinegar, and wrap up the task by wiping with a sanitary, dry cloth. This way, you’ll gently wash away the cleaning solution, as a vinegar-scented countertop probably won’t offer your dinner guests the most welcoming whiff!

4) Pick up a specialized cleaning product for stubborn stains: For stubborn stains which are stuck in place and won’t budge, a specially created cleaning product for stainless steel may do the trick. After all, this may be the fastest way to remove those greasy stains once and for all.

5) Polish your stainless steel with mineral or baby oil: To bring a shiny, brand new look to your appliances and counters, olive oil can be used as a quick fix. For a mild solution, baby oil can also offer a glistening glow to those freshly cleaned metallic surfaces.

Photo: iStock