Cottage Décor Ideas To Update Your Summer Home

For décor addicts who plan to escape from the city this summer in favour of a country retreat, the cottage offers both a relaxing escape and a new decorating opportunity. After all, the blissful atmosphere calls for luxurious neutrals, sleek hardwood floors and rustic home accents. If you haven’t been to your cottage since last season and are looking to bring your décor into 2015, here are a few inspiring ways to instantly refresh your summer home.

1) Decorate with neutral shades of beige and white: Although funky yellow furnishings may make sense in a trendy urban apartment, cottage décor calls for simplicity. Create a down to earth aesthetic with oatmeal throw blankets, a subtle grey sofa and a light wooden coffee table in your cottage living room. Try hanging ivory burlap curtains to gently block out the countryside sunlight in true style.

2) Add colour into your space with colourful striped and patterned pillows: If shades of slate grey, beige and cream have left you dreaming of rainbows, include patterns and prints to contrast against your neutral colour scheme. Incorporate gingham accent pillows, a striped area rug or a lampshade with an abstract pattern into your country décor.

3) Paint wooden chairs in bold shades of green or turquoise: While classic rocking chairs may have marked your childhood summers, it may be time to finally modernize them for Summer 2015. Use light green, turquoise or pastel blue paint to quickly update your cottage seating, and create a welcoming vibe.

4) Upgrade your kitchen flooring with black and white statement tiles: If your country kitchen floors are in need of a makeover, chic black and white tiles can offer a quick fix to a plain and uninspired space. To keep the look cottage friendly, pair your striking floors with pale wooden furnishings, ivory walls and sheer curtains.

5) Embrace salvaged wooden flooring and shelves: This summer, try enhancing the rustic décor of your cottage with earthy salvaged wood detail. Pair light walls with dark wooden shelving, and replace those peeling linoleum floors with textured, antique inspired reclaimed wooden flooring.