Unique Lighting Ideas To Try Now

Nowadays, almost any furniture in your home is used to accentuate the room so why stop at fuzzy and printed pillows and staple object pieces? Using a variety of lighting fixtures is sure to highlight any room and give it a more timeless and chic look. Here are six unique lighting ideas for your home that are sure to shine! It’s time to swap out those old floor and ceiling lamps for something not so typical.

1) If you want to hang your light fixtures in a particular room, play around with the height of the fixtures to give off a more decorative feel. Don’t hang them all at the same height.

2) Incorporate your lights into your décor as an accent piece by taking a standard bulb and encasing it in a decorative jar or coloured orb.

3) Hang oversized lighting pieces with bold lamp shades above a dining room table to bring contrast to any room.

4) Add full length mirrors alongside skylights to make any room look bigger.

5) Add a glow of light from a creative and unique lighting piece such as a lava lamp or light studded sculpture/object.

6) Create your own cute lighting fixture by filling up mason jars half way with rocks and adding a tea light candle into the jar. Hang the jars wherever you prefer.

7) You can never go wrong with candles, however, choose an unusually patterned candle holder for your sweet smelling scents!