Create A Perfect Vanity With These Stylish Tips

If you’re struggling to find space for all your favourite beauty products in last season’s makeup bag, a feminine, elegant vanity table may be the easiest way to store your essentials in style. For décor addicts who are hoping to revamp their bedroom décor, the perfect vanity can also bring a vintage inspired aesthetic to your space. Here are a few easy ways to create a gorgeous dressing table at home this fall.

1) Add a coat of snowy white paint to a repurposed vanity table: For an antique inspired vibe, try updating a classic vanity table with white paint for a refreshing, classic vibe. If you’re aiming to bring sophistication to your home or make a smaller room look larger, a sleek white vanity can immediately freshen your space.


2) Decorate your vanity table with plush white seating: To instantly achieve a chic monochromatic look, a white seat paired with a matching vanity table can easily flatter any decorating scheme. Try adding a matching white cushion to your chair, to bring comfort to your newly revamped makeup station.

3) Update your dressing table with an antique style oval mirror: If you’re aiming to keep up an antique inspired vibe at home, a ladylike oval mirror can easily bring new life to your vanity table and help to illuminate your space. Look for a mirror accented with a pretty floral motif to inject girlish charm into your décor.

4) Use a bouquet of fresh white and pink roses for a natural touch: Although you may not be a superstar preparing for a performance in your backstage dressing room, you can always bring the feeling into your home with a bouquet of roses. Add a basket of refreshing white and pink blossoms to a white or pink vanity for subtle colour and a sweet decorating touch.

5) Add striking metallic accents for a contrasting effect: For décor lovers who are craving the look of edgy, contrasting detail, try incorporating bronze or gold accents into your dressing table. Look for faux gems, embellishment and metallic decals to help you achieve the look of luxury on a budget.

Photos: iStock