Decorate With Colour This Summer

While the chic and pristine look of creamy white décor brings a striking touch to any space, a pop of colour can help to quickly transport a dull room into a summertime statement. From adding funky chairs to your home office to updating your plain front door, here are our best tips for decorating with colour this season.


Photo: Colours To Call Home (@ColoursCallHome) on Twitter

1) Update a severe home office with playful fuchsia furnishings: If you’re spending hours in a home office complete with harsh dark wooden finishes and basic black furniture, try adding a bold hint of fuchsia to the room. A free-spirited office chair or modernized desk in this inviting shade will help to make your work seem more like play.

2) Use a mix of brighter accent shades and cool neutrals to create a balanced space: There’s no need to overwhelm a smaller space with rich shades in every colour of the rainbow. Pair beige walls and black leather sofas with a patterned blue throw blanket, or add warmth to that elegant olive green couch with tangerine accent pillows.

3) Showcase a striking white wall with colourful photo frames or wall art: For décor lovers who aren’t ready to repaint their walls or can’t decide on a fresh new accent wall shade, a solid white wall still leaves plenty of decorating options. Balance out the snowy hue with vibrant framed artwork or a statement painting. For a personal touch, add a series of photos arranged in pastel-hued frames, from light lavender to pale green.


Photo: Moore’s Furniture (@FurnitureMoores) on Twitter

4) Try a teal sofa to bring colour to your living room: If that stained taupe coloured couch from a garage sale years ago has lived out its 15 minutes of fame, update your space with a bright teal couch. To display the charming shade of the sofa, place a floral arrangement of fresh white blooms or a chunky white lamp on a glass coffee table.

5) Bring a brightly patterned area rug into a solid space: With summer rug trends pointing toward vintage 1960s inspired orange, summery Greek blue and subtle sour green tones, the décor potential is endless. Update your floors in style, with a patterned area rug to brighten the look of polished cherry oak hardwood.


Photo: Coastal Living (@coastalliving) on Twitter 

6) Repaint your front door in a bright turquoise hue: If your current dark grey front door is hardly a welcoming sight for weekend guests, try a vivid coat of paint in turquoise. A cheerful turquoise paint job is luckily not as shocking as a fire engine red entrance, or as dreary as a tired neutral door which is badly in need of colour.