Give Your Backyard A Summer Makeover

After an endless winter, décor addicts are looking forward to refreshing their outdoor spaces for summer 2015. Whether you want to entirely revamp your backyard or just add some new decorative touches, here are our best ways to refresh your backyard this season:

1) New patio/dining set

Add some pillowy seats and potted plants to create a perfect outdoor setting. As the long summer days melt away into the night, extend the pleasure by dining outside in your backyard at a calming table.

2) Toss in some new cozy and colourful pillows

Re-think your backyard décor and get inspired by bright colours for summer. Lighten up your backyard by incorporating different sized pillows with summer themed designs including florals and prints.

3) Purchase a fire pit

For warmth at night and to make s’mores as a summer night snack, a fire pit is an awesome way to decorate your backyard and entertain at the same time!

4) New planters/pots

Hang up some new floral arrangements in planters and pots throughout your backyard. This is an easy and appealing way to re-vamp your backyard. Think about incorporating bright colours for the flowers to really stand out!

5) Incorporate a fountain

As a relaxing, calming element to your backyard this summer, think about adding a fountain into your backyard. For those who love to read and rest in their backyards, this would be the perfect way to make your backyard have a ‘zen’ feel to it.

6) Add a breezy canopy

Use a canopy to stay out of the sun when needed. By adding a canopy, create a cool spot for summer living and re-create your own little space in your backyard as a getaway to relax on a summer weekend.

7) Tiki Torches

Think about tiki torches as a way of lighting up your backyard. As an inexpensive, festive way to bring the island style to your home, use tiki torches to light up the night without using electricity!