Decorate With Rich Violet Shades- Here’s How

With décor lovers preparing to embrace a warm autumn colour palette with the upcoming frost and chill in the air, it’s officially the perfect season to swap your pastel-toned home accents for enriched shades of eggplant and plum. While vivid purple tones at home may seem garish and intimidating, you can easily incorporate these rich and trendy hues into your decorating scheme. Here are the best ways to bring the luxurious and polished effect of purple into your space this autumn.

Update a neutral and spacious living room with plush royal purple seating: If you’re ready to leave your guests feeling like royalty, try injecting a hint of dark purple into your otherwise unadorned living room. To emphasize a larger, open concept space, introduce a royal purple suede sofa or armchair into the area. Meanwhile, add a coat of white paint to your walls and include soft overhead lighting to complete the look.

Bring a professional touch into your home office with a deep eggplant accent wall: For a bold take on the colour purple, bring the enriched appearance of eggplant into your home office by showcasing a vivid accent wall. Combine the bold statement wall with white-painted windows, a black and white patterned chair and modern white shelving for a work-friendly space which also screams “home sweet home.”


Photo: Benjamin Moore CA (@BenjaminMooreCA) on Twitter

Contrast plum accents with dark wooden furnishings: For a truly elegant finish, bring plum accent pieces such as lampshades, hanging photo frames and a shaggy area rug into your den or living room. To balance out the deep autumnal hue and wrap up your decorating statement, add a cherry wood coffee table or bookshelf for a striking, sophisticated effect.

Pair purple upholstered chairs with slate grey throw pillows: The pairing of cool grey and vibrant purple is a chic combination which has left its mark on the runway and at home. Embrace the fashionable colour combination in your living room, with upholstered seating in vivid violet shades and slate throw pillows for a complementary accessorizing touch.