Moroccan Home Décor Is A Trend To Embrace For 2015

MOROCCAN DECOR- KELLY MORGANPhoto: Kelly Morgan Design (@KellyMorganID) on Twitter 

If you’re hoping for an exotic getaway this season but stuck at home, Summer 2015’s intriguing Moroccan inspired décor trend just may transport you into another universe. With a warm colour palette of orange and bronze, eye-catching gold detail and bold patterns, the Moroccan trend can easily update even the most tired space. From updating your kitchen to bringing the themed colours into your living room, here are the best ways to embrace this elegant décor statement.

1) Add a mosaic backsplash to your kitchen: If your kitchen is currently grey and dull, a mystical mosaic backsplash can bring colour to your cooking area. For Moroccan inspiration, turn to shades of turquoise, brown and golden yellow.

MOROCCAN DECOR- BEDROOMPhoto: Annie Kruse (@anniekruse) on Twitter 

2) Arrange textured throw blankets in your bedroom: For an instant and budget-friendly trip to Morocco, luxurious throw blankets with traditional patterns can refresh an everyday urban bedroom. Look for thick fringed detail, shades of creamy white and oatmeal and playful pom-poms to complete the look.

3) Decorate a simple wooden surface with an embellished table lamp: From alluring, intricate cut-out designs to cool metallic shades, Moroccan lighting is a chic way to illuminate your space. Choose a fringed table lamp with beadwork to adorn an understated table, or include a hanging lantern for a mysterious, sultry atmosphere.

4) Brighten your space with a geometric Moroccan rug: If those honey hardwood floors are asking for a makeover, bring detail and design into your room with a geometric pattern rug. Use a bright woven area rug to create a statement in a larger room, or stick to a basic colour palette of black and white for a striking touch.

5) Add warm tangerine and gold hues into your living room: The combination of subtle orange and luminous gold accents is a winning look this season. To embrace the Moroccan theme, bring apricot or tangerine throw pillows and gleaming golden centerpieces into your living room.