Gorgeous Window Treatment Ideas For Summer

For an easy décor upgrade, new window treatments can quickly transform your space for Summer 2015. While that drastic renovation may not fit into your budget, renewing your home with drapes or blinds can bring an entirely new feel to your humble abode! Here are a few window treatment ideas for an instant décor makeover this season.

1) Wooden blinds: Although white vinyl and plastic blinds have been a mainstay at home for years, the season’s chic, streamlined wooden blinds offer a welcoming and modern change. Bring a rustic look to your living room windows with dark wood blinds, and contrast these window treatments with white walls and sleek neutral furniture.


Photo: RattanPlusHome&Patio (@RattanPlus) on Twitter 

2) Bamboo window shades: The textured look of bamboo makes a décor statement this summer, with dainty bamboo window shades making their way into the home. Try adding these exotic coverings to ivory painted windows in your living room or bedroom. For a warm and stylish look, accessorize the shades with pale yellow curtains.

3) Sophisticated pastel hues: For subtle window coverings which will still allow the sun’s rays to brighten your space, pastel drapes are the way to go. Bring baby pink and cream striped curtains into your bedroom for a girlish accent, or add a pale blue embroidered valance to your kitchen windows for an inviting touch.

floral print curtains

Photo: Blendworth Fabrics (@Blendworth1921) on Twitter

4) Sweet floral prints: You may already have jaunty floral print accent pillows or those garden inspired placements, but flowery curtains can bring your summertime decorating to the next level. Look for cheerful pink, green and yellow blossom prints on solid white curtains for a slight hint of colour. Meanwhile, adventurous décor lovers can experiment with bright fuchsia, turquoise or purple florals to bring a tired room to life.

5) Lightweight sheer white curtains: Naturally, bright whites are set to dominate décor trends this summer. Embrace the warmer temperatures with airy white drapes in your sunroom, or add heavier creamy white drapes to a chic black and white living room.

6) Minimalist neutrals: If you’re unsure of bursts of colour or bold prints, summer’s neutral shades of beige, off-white and light grey may be your drapery solution. Try layering the curtains for a trendy visual effect, or contrasting simple neutral drapes against brighter accent walls and décor.