Dorm Room Décor Ideas For Back To School

For young décor lovers who are starting university this September and officially moving onto campus, dorm rooms are the new home away from home. While plain white walls and cramped surroundings may bring the stereotypical student residence to mind, decorating a dorm room on a budget can instantly refresh your space. Since you probably want to save your cash for nights out and a brand new wardrobe, here are a penny-pinching tips to help you transform your dorm into a stylish, relaxing space.

1) Add inexpensive printed area rugs to brighten dull hardwood floors: If the idea of dreary winter nights in a small space has left you cold, keep in mind that area rugs offer an immediate décor makeover. Look for colourful abstract patterns, bold floral prints and plush rugs in shades of pale blue or green.

2) Adorn bare walls with polka dot decals: Unless you prefer a highly minimalist aesthetic, decorated walls will bring an immediate sense of “home sweet home” into your new space. Use polka dot decals in soft metallic shades or pastel shades to bring detail and interest to those stark white walls.

3) Use funky patterned bed linens for a decorative accent: Even if you can’t change your furnishings or magically enlarge your dorm room to resemble your dream home, eye-catching bedding will bring a sense of comfort to your space. Look for black and white patterns to maintain a neutral aesthetic, or add a colourful throw blanket for a laidback vibe.

4) Arrange magazine collages and wall art in multicoloured photo frames: To update your walls, try cutting photos from your favourite magazines to create edgy cutout collages. Arrange the collages in a series of vibrant painted frames, or create DIY wall art on a white canvas with watercolour paint and glitter.

5) Spice up a neutral room with a funky desk lamp: For those all-nighters which are no doubt around the corner, a fierce desk lamp in a neon hue brings an illuminating effect and a much-needed touch of colour to your study space. Try upgrading your humble wooden desk with a bendable desk lamp in a vivid blue, green or violet shade.