Organize Your Kitchen Perfectly With These Great Steps

Bring organization to your kitchen by using some of our storage and organization tricks. Check out our 10 tips to keep your kitchen as put together as possible.

1) Tray tip

Use long, narrow trays or baskets to store snacks or cooking supplies. You can also organize efficiently by labelling each bin. By using clear trays or bins, it is much easier for you to see what is in each bin as well.

2) Stash Items over the door

Use a see-through pocket organizer for your kitchen pantry. A pocket organizer that has clear pockets is of benefit as it eliminates search time.

3) Hang pots and pans

Another way to conserve space is to hang pots and pans, if your kitchen allows. You can also hang them inside cupboards with little hooks to save space.

4) De-clutter counters

De-clutter your kitchen counter by mounting calendars, to-do lists, grocery lists, etc., on corkboards or on the wall to eliminate clutter. You can also hang these notes on the inside of cupboard doors and create interior cork board cupboards.

5) Use a Lazy Susan

Put in Lazy Susans in your cupboards to store jars, bottles, spreads, oils and vinegars. It is an easy way to save space!

6) Install Tension Rod Dividers

Instead of stacking your trays, platters and cutting boards, use short tension rods to create dividers. Place them upright for easy access and stability.

7) Drawer Dividers

Fill your drawers with smaller organized drawer dividers. These are great for smaller items, such as tea bags, juice packets, and candies.

8) Hanging Shelf Dividers

Hanging dividers for your shelves are extremely useful in taking advantage of empty space. They are great for lighter and smaller items such as plastic plates, Tupperware pieces and lids.

9) Roll in a Cart

Invest in a cart that can be used to carry heavy dishes, pots and pans from the kitchen to the table and dining room. It can also act as an extra area to store cooking supplies and utensils.

10) Retractable Book Stand

Retractable book stands hold recipe books at eye level for baking and cooking, and then fold back right under a cabinet when you are done. It saves space on the counter while you are cooking!