Transition Your Home Décor From Summer To Fall- Here’s How

While it may not be time yet to carve the pumpkin or open your door to neighbourhood trick-or-treaters, transitioning your décor into the next season will help to usher fall into your humble home. If you’re still enjoying the last lingering days on the patio before the temperatures cool, updating your décor may not be a top priority. However, those summery white curtains and punchy yellow vases will surely wear out their welcome before too long! With fall on the horizon, here are a few top ways to bring your home décor from sunny afternoons to brisk autumn days.

1) Replace colourful pastel accent pillows with soft neutral cushions: If you embraced the look of sweet pink and blue home accents this summer, fall offers the perfect opportunity to swap pastel shades for cool neutrals. Swap your usual accent pillows for plush cushions in shades of slate grey, beige and off-white to gently create a rustic vibe.


Photo: KB Home Dallas (@KBHomeDallas) on Twitter

2) Combine a mixture of textures for a warm, layered effect: Since Fall 2015 calls for rich textures at home, try incorporating a variety of fabrics into your living room aesthetic. Style a sleek leather sofa with silk pillows, or use linen pillows to bring sophistication to a velvet armchair.

3) Create a welcoming autumn feel with scented candles: If your décor budget is tight this season, scented candles in the season’s vanilla, apple cinnamon and pumpkin fragrances can easily bring warmth to any space. Try arranging large candles around a centrepiece with faux maple leaves and acorns to capture the spirit of the season.

4) Contrast a burgundy throw blanket against a creamy white sofa: For décor addicts who bravely stepped into summer’s chic all-white trend at home, your striking, snowy furnishings can easily be brought into fall. Adding a wool throw blanket in a rich oxblood or burgundy hue will instantly bring a seasonal vibe to your fresh white sofa.

5) Update your hardwood floors with taupe area rugs: As the mercury drops, those dark hardwood floors are sure to become chilly and uninviting. To maintain the spirit of warmth all autumn, use neutral area rugs in shades of taupe to create an understated yet effortlessly elegant décor statement.